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Chair of Subsurface Engineering

Dipl.Ing. Dr.mont. Rober Galler was appointed to the University of Leoben as head of the institute in November 2006. With his appointment and an ongoing internationalization of the degree program the name of the institute was changed to “Chair of Subsurface Engineering”. At the same time the chair was integrated as one out of seven chairs into the department of “Mineral Resources and Petroleum Engineering”.

Dipl.Ing. Dr.mont Johann Golser was appointed to the chair in 1984. Professor Golser continued as a representative of the “Salzburger Schule” of geomechanics with the efforts and the engineering spirit of professor Feder. In accordance to the expanded field of activities the name of the institute was changed to “institute for geomechanics, tunnelling and structural civil engineering”.

Development of the chair

The chair was founded in 1974 under the name of “institute for structural civil engineering”. The aim of this foundation was to convey the spirit of the so called “Salzburger Schule” and the “New Austrian Tunnelling Method” to a university level. The first professor was Dipl.Ing. Dr.Tech Georg Feder. His qualities, like being a consequent researcher and the ability to improvise, were of great importance for the further development of the institute.