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Chair of Subsurface Engineering

Information for starters

There is a high international demand for Austrian Know-How in tunnelling. Especially the New Austrian Tunnelling Method (“NATM”) is internationally recognized and applied. With completion of this degree program you are well prepared for working successfully in this field.


The job prospects are very good at home and abroad.

Fields of activity:


This profession offers interesting tasks every day anew.

You can find a job at:

  • Engineering offices (design, project planning and static analysis)
  • Tunnelling construction and supplier companies
  • Authorities (Controlling and granting permits)
  • Research



Excellent future perspectives result from a growing need for:

  • Underground traffic routes (train, subway and road)
  • Caverns for sport and research facilities, for power plants or permanent disposal sites
  • Supply and disposal pipes, which are increasingly build trenchless (no-dig installations, micro-tunnelling)


If you bring along following characteristics, the completion of the bachelor program Mineral Resources Engineering ant the master program Mining and Tunnelling with focus on Geotechnics and Tunnelling as well as a promising career are within easy reach:

  • Technical understanding
  • Flexibility
  • Team spirit
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Foreign language skills and the willingness to learn foreign language
  • Wilingness to work abroad

Natural Resources

Bachelor program: Mineral Resources Engineering

Master program: Mining and Tunnelling

Focus: Geotechnics and Tunnelling


You have to do internships for a total period of 120 days during your study (90 during the bachelor program and 30 during the master program).


Thereby you experience work around mining and underground construction from close distance. Being in good physical shape helps when working underground. Well-paid internships, often abroad (Germany, Kanada, Australia,…) are nothing out of the ordinary.


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